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Columbia Falls police taser, kill 87-year-old vet with dementia

Discussion in 'Worst of the Worst' started by M, May 6, 2013.

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    Bully bois @ work ...

    Examiner: Taser death of 77-year-old veteran with Alzheimer's prompts lawsuit

    After wandering away from a Montana veterans home, 77-year-old Korean War Veteran Stanley L. Downen, who suffered from severe Alzheimer’s, fell and hit his face on the pavement after being tasered by police, resulting in his death three weeks later, according to a lawsuit filed by Downen's granddaughter.

    Downen's granddaughter, Tamara Downen, alleges that staff from the veterans home called and told her that Downen fell while running and was taken to the hospital. It wasn't until two days later that she discovered her grandfather had been tasered by police.

    Downen, who was put in the government-run veterans home in May of last year due to his progressing dementia, walked off the grounds the following day. Staff allegedly "agitated and escalated the situation" while attempting to bring him back to the home.

    According to the lawsuit, Columbia Falls police soon arrived after the home staff were unable to take control of the situation and tasered Downen. Downen then struck his head, resulting in multiple abrasions to the forehead and hands as well as a large swelling abrasion on the scalp and left eye. According to the complaint, Downen was found face down handcuffed when an ambulance arrived on scene.

    That is when staff allegedly called the Downen family and lied claiming he had fallen while running. Downen died three weeks later in the hospital. Tamara Downen filed suit soon after alleging assault and battery on the part of the Columbia Falls Police Department as well as wrongful death and negligence from the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services and the Montana Veterans Home.
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    wolves. ravenous wolves.
  3. Picking on the weakest souls in society, the people they were hired to protect from the likes of themselves.
  4. TravelnMedic

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    If he was transported like that then that crew might as well as burn there patches as there is not a medical director in this country that will defend a crew doing that.

    Let me guess, the Tazers were made by Tazer international... I can't wait for the :td: of :trash: they claim to get off the hook. Again yet more incompetent bully cops.

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