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Dave Sundberg’s House (1812 25th Ave N) taken by MCDA through eminent domain

Discussion in 'Government / Minneapolis' started by M, Aug 29, 2011.

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    A complete account of this event is related here:


    The five-bedroom house (with a partial basement beneath a two-bedroom addition) was purchased by Dave Sundberg in 1989. The process that led to condemnation started with a tenant, who allowed 18-23 people to live in the property. In 1992 there was a drug raid (no drugs found) followed by a housing inspection. A missing $3.50 plumbing trap became "hazardous plumbing and lack of maintenance"; the property was headed towards condemnation.​

    Once condemned, the partial basement under the addition became an obstacle. Neither the neighborhood association nor the City Council representative (Joe Biernat) would address the matter. Eventually the Minneapolis Community Development Association (MCDA) tried to take the building by eminent domain and offered him $3000. He protested based on his own appraisal but in the end was awarded only $15,000. MCDA's attorney gave him incorrect information regarding the deadline for appeals, and his "late" appeal was denied.​

    The house at 1812 25th Ave N was torn down and became a vacant lot.​

    This synopsis is intended to be an accurate summary of the article linked above. If I have erred in any way, please advise by posting a response to this thread and I will review the synopsis and update it as necessary.

    Joe Biernat was later convicted on corruption charges and ended up in federal prison:

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