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New Jersey Hightstown Councilman Rob Thibault nets $200K for harassment by police sergeant Ben Miller

Discussion in 'Incidents of Police Abuse, Misconduct, Negligence' started by M, Apr 21, 2014.

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    Perp: Sergeant Ben Miller

    Victim: Councilman Rob Thibault

    Department: Hightstown Police Department

    Location: Hightstown, New Jersey


    Hightstown Councilman Rob Thibault ​

    Hightstown settles councilman's suit alleging police harassment for $200,000

    The borough will pay Councilman Rob Thibault a $200,000 sum to settle the lawsuit he filed in 2011, after judges ruled he was unfairly pulled over and ticketed by a borough police officer during his unsuccessful mayoral campaign in 2010.


    In August 2010, police Sgt. Ben Miller — then a detective — pulled Thibault over and ticketed him for driving on a suspended license based on a traffic ticket issued in North Carolina of which he was unaware. The North Carolina ticket was later revealed to have been issued in error, the license was restored and a North Carolina judge expunged all charges.

    In October 2012, a judge ruled that Miller had targeted Thibault, who advocated consolidating the Hightstown and East Windsor police departments, by specifically running his motor vehicle history and writing the wrong court date on Thibault’s ticket in hopes that he would be arrested for missing the hearing. Thibault also reached a separate private settlement with Miller, settled last month for a “fraction” of the borough lawsuit amount, Thibault said.

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