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How Betty Speaker Lost Her Home

Discussion in 'Government / St. Paul' started by M, Aug 29, 2011.

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    A complete account of this event is related here:


    Betty Speaker's story began in 2004 when city workers excavating to install internet cable damaged her sewer line, and the city decided to force her to make the repairs, which she did at an expense of > $3,000 dollars. City housing inspectors then started harassing her with long lists of violations, including "failing to cut the weeds and grass that were then beneath a thick layer of snow".*​

    To comply with conditions to apply for a grant, Betty Speaker allowed city inspectors into her home. As a result, she got hit with an even longer list of orders, and her home was declared "unfit for human habitation".​

    Legal-aid attorneys managed to slow down the condemnation process, while her sons tried to help with repairs. One of the city inspectors ordered her son, Joe LeVasseur, to desist from repairing the garage "because he was not licensed with the city of St. Paul".**​

    A warrant was issued for Betty Speakers arrest while she was hospitalized for kidney failure. Betty Speaker was finally evicted from her home on the 25th of April, 2005, and the city completed the condemnation and acquisition of her home.​

    This synopsis is intended to be an accurate summary of the article linked above. If I have erred in any way, please advise by posting a response to this thread and I will review the synopsis and update it as necessary.

    For a sequel to Betty Speaker's saga see the thread: Spurious Condemnation of Jim Smartwood's Property

    *This kind of nonsense happens routinely and has been been happening for decades. I once was called to testify at the Minneapolis trial of a friend who was charge with not complying with a "grow grass" order in the dead of winter:

    Is is your experience that you can't grow grass in Minnesota in January?​


    ** If true, I would think this highly questionable because in Minnesota parents and children are generally allowed to assist the owners of owner-occupied single-family dwellings in performing repairs, even where licensed contractors are required.

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