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Minnesota Mpls. City Attorney Paula Kruchowski's drivers license file illegally accessed by 118 officers

Discussion in 'Incidents of Police Abuse, Misconduct, Negligence' started by M, Dec 23, 2013.

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    Perps: 118 unnamed police officers, most apparently with the Minneapolis Police Department

    Victim: Paula Kruchowski

    Department: Minneapolis Police Department

    Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Star Tribune: Mpls. attorney claims she was ‘oogled by scores of men’: Wins settlement of $32,500 from Minneapolis (Dec 18 2013)

    A Minneapolis assistant city attorney who works alongside police officers has reached a $32,500 settlement with the city after learning that more than 100 officers had snooped into her driver’s license file.


    MPD users queried Kruchowski’s file between 164 and 274 times, depending on whether some consecutive lookups are grouped together, according to [Her attorney Bill] Tilton.

    “I believe that the comments she got effectively told her that she looked different from her [driver’s license] photo,” Tilton said in an interview. “And that somebody mentioned specifically that they knew where she lived. And it made her feel very uncomfortable.”

    “Ms. Kruchowski is rather distraught about this whole mess, and gets increasingly so over time, as the implications get clarified in her mind of being window-peeped hundreds of times by scores of co-workers, co-workers who happen to be in the main tough testosterone-laden men who are used to getting their way with folk and who are known to have long memories,” Tilton wrote to the city.

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