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“Serious social unrest is coming in the next 5-10 years in this country as the police state gets dialed down.”

Murder of retired Marine Kenneth Chamberlain Sr.

Discussion in 'Worst of the Worst' started by M, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. M

    M Muckraker

    (Original thread title was "Kenneth Chamberlain post?"): Where is the post about Kenneth Chamberlain of White Plaines, New York, the black veteran who was killed when police responded to an accidental medical alert?

    Later: Must have been mistaken, probably saw it somewhere else. Anyway, this story is now getting a lot of traction thanks largely to a video interview by Amy Goodman at Democracy Now!

    I have about 20 or so links up on my ThumperWatch site, here are just a couple:

    Daily Kos (29 Mar 2012): A Case Worse than Trayvon Martin's?

    The Democracy Now! interview video on YouTube, in two parts:

    For links to just about everything written to date on the Kenneth Chamberlain murder, go to ThumperWatch :​

  2. Lisa Simeone

    Lisa Simeone Original Member

  3. M

    M Muckraker

  4. Frank

    Frank Original Member

    There's also a case in CT right now where a man is suing the police department and EMS for kidnapping and false imprisonment.
  5. Lisa Simeone

    Lisa Simeone Original Member

    Amy Goodman's column on the murder of Kenneth Chamberlain:
    Black in White Plains: The Police Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain
  6. M

    M Muckraker

    ^ Thanks for the update. This article named the killer: White Plains Officer Anthony Carelli. Apparently Juan Gonzalez also named him recently in the NY Post. Will search.

    Over the weekend I'll update the ThumperWatch writeup on Kenneth Chamberlain & add one about this incident with the Jordanians.
  7. M

    M Muckraker

    The case is finally making into major news outlets:

    The pivotal articles were the ones by Juan Gonzales (NY Daily News) and Amy Goodman (UK Guardian), who had done the Democracy Now! video interview a week earlier.

    As soon as the police fired the taser, they ordered its camera turned off, presumably so it wouldn't record anymore of their atrocities. What they were unaware of was that the medical alert device had maintained an open line to the monitoring company and an audio recording had been made (and was still being made) of the entire two hours of the confrontation.

    The headline in The Record is little more than a bad, pathetic joke. The White Plains PD finally "released" the name of the killer after the Juan Gonzalez & Amy Goodman publicized it
  8. M

    M Muckraker

    Meet the killer:

    Democracy Now!: Exclusive: Cop in Fatal Shooting of Ex-Marine Kenneth Chamberlain ID’d, Sued in 2008 Racism Case (VIDEO)

    Transcript of the video ...

    AlterNet: Cop in Fatal Shooting of Ex-Marine Kenneth Chamberlain Was Sued in 2008 Racism Case: The alleged shooter, Officer Anthony Carelli, is due in court later this month on an unrelated 2008 police brutality case.

    There should be a mega-million $ liability for any police force & its management that would keep an officer on duty & armed with weapons after events such as those that transpired in 2008.
  9. M

    M Muckraker

    Apparently the local prosecutors and grand jury have whitewashed everything. The family has now filed a lawsuit ...

    Yahoo! News: $21M lawsuit filed in NY police shooting

  10. M

    M Muckraker

    Kenneth Chamberlain Sr.jpg
    Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr.​
    (photo courtesy New York Daily News)​

    The whitewash:
    Current articles:
    After the local prosecutor & grand jury completed their whitewash, the feds did start a criminal inquiry, so there might yet be criminal charges in this case.
  11. Frank

    Frank Original Member

    Thus begins a six year campaign for justice that will end in a settlement for an undisclosed amount and no admission of fault on the part of the pigs.
  12. nachtnebel

    nachtnebel Original Member

    Yes, but this is having a cumulative effect. The perp is facing federal charges already, and may face federal charges on this too. My bet is that he'll do some jail time and White Plains will be out a big wad of cash. At some point, I believe we'll start seeing a significant curtailing of police immunity, simply to eliminate the moral hazard that is now in play.
  13. Frank

    Frank Original Member

    It is my fondest wish to see eight White Plains cops perp-walked in uniform, wearing their issue handcuffs, into federal custody, facing the death penalty.

    I think eight ex-cops dancing the Danny Deever on the front steps of the Manhattan Federal Court building would be a lovely sight.
  14. Elizabeth Conley

    Elizabeth Conley Original Member

    One of the police officers who participated in the retired Marine's death is facing minor discipline. The Justice Department is FINALLY INVESTIGATING this murder, and it looks like more charges may be coming.

    I prefer reading to listening. If you scroll to the bottom you can read the transcript of the interview. Reading the transcript is faster and easier for me.
  15. M

    M Muckraker

    Note that the officer being disciplined is the one who called him a n------.

    The thug who murdered him is still on the streets w/ badge & gun.
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