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New York Nassau Co. fires cop Anthony DiLeonardo who shot cabbie Thomas Moroughan in 2011

Discussion in 'Incidents of Police Abuse, Misconduct, Negligence' started by M, May 8, 2014.

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    Perp: Officer Anthony DiLeonardo

    Victim: Thomas Moroughan

    Department: Nassau County Police Department

    Location: Nassau County, New York


    Nassau County Police Officer Anthony DiLeonardo


    Cab driver Thomas Moroughan​


    Long Island cop who shot cabbie in 2011 terminated

    The Nassau County police officer accused of shooting an unarmed taxi driver is now being stripped of his badge. Investigators say Anthony DiLeonardo was off-duty and not in uniform when he opened fire on the man during a dispute in Huntington Station three years ago. Police say he had spent the night drinking with another officer.
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    An off-duty Nassau County police officer unlawfully shot and beat an unarmed cabdriver in Huntington Station after a night of drinking in 2011, according to an NCPD Internal Affairs Unit report.

    The Internal Affairs report concludes that:
    • DiLeonardo fired at Moroughan and approached his cab with gun in hand as the cabbie tried to retreat, then beat him about the head with the butt of his gun numerous times. The finding contradicted statements by DiLeonardo that Moroughan revved his engine and tried to run down DiLeonardo, who said he only drew his weapon when the cab was coming toward him.
    • Moroughan signed a sworn statement Suffolk County homicide detectives wrote for him while he lay in a hospital bed on morphine, with two bullets still inside him and with a broken nose. Moroughan said the Suffolk detectives did not allow him to consult with an attorney before signing it. The statement helped exonerate DiLeonardo and incriminate Moroughan, and was later shown to include events that were contradicted by the department's own investigation.
    • Ahough DiLeonardo did not mention drinking in his initial post-shooting statement, he later told Suffolk district attorney investigators that he'd had eight to 10 drinks, and Nassau Internal Affairs investigators that he had six drinks, over a roughly 4 ½-hour period before the shooting. At least 13 Nassau and Suffolk County police officers responding after the shooting later said they either did not notice any sign that DiLeonardo was intoxicated, or that they smelled alcohol but could not identify where the smell was coming from. None of them reported asking DiLeonardo if he had been drinking, and officers did not ask DiLeonardo to submit to a sobriety test.
    • Within 12 hours of the shooting, Nassau County's Deadly Force Response Team cleared DiLeonardo of wrongdoing, allowing him to continue making arrests after two weeks of paid sick leave. However, a Suffolk County crime scene analyst later reported the events couldn't have occurred as DiLeonardo had described, and a Suffolk district attorney investigator determined that the shooting was "unjustified."
    • The Nassau County Police Department didn't begin its Internal Affairs investigation until 99 days after the shooting. The investigators assigned to the case noted that it was an "unusual" investigation because it started so long after the incident and relied on materials from other law enforcement agencies.
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    Authorities: Nassau County police officer fired, shot unarmed cabbie

    MINEOLA, New York — The Nassau County police department says it has fired a Long Island police officer who was off-duty when he shot an unarmed taxi driver after a night drinking with another officer. Anthony DiLeonardo's termination was announced Monday. (Query: Officer Anthony DiLeonardo Nassau County New York) (Thread: 21562)

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