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Rickia Russell Awarded $1M for Injuries from Flashbang Grenade in Botched Raid

Discussion in 'Police / Minneapolis' started by M, Jul 5, 2012.

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    The best coverage -- including graphic photos of Rickia Russell's injuries -- is in the City Pages article.

    Minnesota Public Radio: Mpls. settles suit for $1M (Dec 9 2011)

    Star Tribune: Botched raid costs Minneapolis $1 million (Dec 9 2011)

    Free Republic: Botched raid costs Minneapolis $1 million (Dec 10 2011)

    City Pages: Rickia Russell wins $1 million police brutality settlement after burns from flashbang grenade (Dec 10 2011)

    Attorney Robert Bennett Press Release: G|B|B|S Partners Robert Bennett and Ryan Vettleson Settle “Flash-Bang” Grenade Police Brutality Case Against Minneapolis for $1 Million Dollars (Dec 16 2011)
    My Fox 47: Mpls council OKs $1M award in botched drug raid (Dec 17 2011)

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    More from the Tribune -- to add insult to injury she was arrested "for having a disorderly house", and none of the ill-disciplined, sloppy cops who conducted this raid were ever disciplined.

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    A million dollar payout of our tax dollars and the these retards are too arrogant to admit that they screwed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Courtesy of City Pages, here are photos of Rick Russell's injuries. The scalp injuries resulted from being used as the source of skin grafts for her legs.

    rickia russel 1.jpg rickia russel 2.jpg rickia russel 3.jpg

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