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2 Young Black Rappers Shot and Killed Less Than 1 Hour Apart; Where is Black Lives Matter?

Discussion in 'Davy Vara' started by DavyV., Jun 19, 2018.

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  1. DavyV.

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    Cell phone video shows rapper XXXtentacion moments after he was shot while driving his BMW i8. Onlookers didn’t try to render any sort of first aid to the young man, yet posted videos online, even writing “X”.

    By Davy V.

    For years I’ve called out Black Lives Matter, the hypocritical “movement” which has absolutely no problem protesting and encouraging the burning down and destroying of inner city black neighborhoods whenever a white cop kills a black youth, but is nowhere to be (expletive deleted) seen or heard from when a young black life is stolen by the hands of another black life.

    On Monday afternoon, just before 4 pm, rapper XXXtentacion, whose real name was Jahseh Onfroy, was leaving a motorcycle shop in Deerfield Beach, Florida, just north of Miami, when he was gunned down while sitting behind the wheel of his BMW i8.



    Videos on the internet show the 20-year old rapper slumped to the side in the driver’s seat while a crowd looks on filming with their cell phones.

    Sadly, in a disturbing example of just what a disgusting society we have become, not one person in the crowd recording with their cellphones tried to render any sort of first aid to the young rapper at a time when every second counts.

    In fact, onlookers were too busy uploading videos of the comatose young man, even typing “X”, as you can see in the photo at the top.

    XXXtentacion was pronounced dead shortly after.


    Jimmy Wopo

    Less than an hour later, shortly after 4 pm, 21-year old up and coming rapper Jimmy Wopo, whose real name was Travon Smart, was gunned in a drive by shooting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Middle Hill neighborhood.

    The rapper was also pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

    Two young black men.

    Two young black lives.


    Not by a cop.

    And while there hasn’t been anyone arrested in either of the murders yet, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say the chances that these two young black lives were stolen by the hands of another black life are pretty (expletive deleted) good.

    And while I’m at it, I’ll also bet dollars to donuts that as they’ve done every single time a black youth’s life has been stolen at the hands of another black youth, you won’t hear a thing from Black Lives Matter.

    Not one word.

    No statement.

    Not even a (expletive deleted) peep.

    I guess black lives only matter when a white cop kills a black youth.


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