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2011 Minneapolis Police Abuse Payouts

Discussion in 'Police / Minneapolis' started by M, Jul 6, 2012.

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    Courtesy City Pages:

    Thomas Hoffe: $835.00
    John Wuckko: $40,000.00
    Marion Hampton: $27,000.00
    Alicia Smith: $4,500.00
    Malcom Labon: $45,000.00
    Connor Hallgren: $12,000.00
    Curtis Shelman: $23,500.00
    Cecilia Dominguez: $16,000.00
    Katie Felder (Dominic): $2,189,128.66
    Herr v. Peterson, et al: $3,000.00
    Jermaine Reed: $20,000.00
    Mark Kallenbach: $17,500.00
    Tenise Winder : $190,000.00
    Max Graves: $90,000.00
    Nicole Madison-Judgment/Plaintiff: $296,490.07
    Recardo Meeks: $76,500.00
    Robert Lee Allison: $6,000.00
    Zeanna Robinson: $35,000.00
    Cassandra Brown: $32,830.50
    Darrell Williams: $24,500.00
    Abel Miamen: $80,000.00
    Rickia Russell: $1,000,000.00
    Patricia Knapp: $1,500.00
    David James Taylor: $16,500.00
    Ayan Osman: $12,000.00
    Brendon Schram: $37,500.00
    Thomas Lyons: $9,000.00
    Carlton Davis: $25,000.00
    Toshiba Gibson: $7,500.00
    Bonita Ruiz: $4,500.00
    Bruce Johnson: $25,000.00
    Brendon Schram: $376,923.86
    Total: $4,745,208.09
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    M Muckraker

    From the bimbo mouthpiece masquerading as the Minneapolis city attorney:

    "What happened in this case was an accident," Minneapolis city attorney Susan Segal said in a statement. "It's very unfortunate that Ms. Russell suffered serious injuries, however, accidents like this are rare.

    "Minneapolis police execute an average of 275 search warrants a year, and each one of them is a potentially dangerous situation," Segal said. "Their job is to execute these warrants while minimizing danger to officers and to those present where a warrant is being served.

    "We have been conducting a thorough review of the incident and will make any changes that we determine will better safeguard the safety of our officers and the public," she said.

    Up above are 32 examples -- one year's worth of abuses of police power that resulted in MILLIONS of dollars in payouts of taxpapers' moneys due to police abuse and incompetence, and these are only the case where the victims actually filed suit. The real number of victims abused by the Minneapolis Police Department is probably several times 32 annually.

    Which means that out of those 275 search warrants a year, you have a very large number of screwups.

    Minimizing danger to officers? As when the cowboys miss the dog and shoot each other? :rolleyes:

    Minimizing danger to those present? Like these innocent victims whose injuries were the direct result of abusive and negligent police officers?

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