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“Serious social unrest is coming in the next 5-10 years in this country as the police state gets dialed down.”

California Activist Susan Soares suing Redondo Beach for civil rights violations

Discussion in 'Incidents of Police Abuse, Misconduct, Negligence' started by M, Apr 16, 2014.

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    M Muckraker

    Perps: Redondo Beach Police Department

    Victim: Susan Soares

    Location: Redondo Beach, California

    Medical marijuana activist sues Redondo police

    Medical marijuana patient/activist Susan Soares has filed a 26-count lawsuit against the City of Redondo Beach and the Redondo Beach Police Department. Soares, 55, a former Redondo Beach resident, alleges that police violated her civil rights to free speech, to freedom of association, unreasonable search and seizure, the constitutional right to petition the government for regressive grievances, and the right to freedom of commerce in the purchase and possession of a legal substance for medical needs.
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    Marijuana activist case against Redondo police dismissed

    ... Police Department and the City of Redondo Beach involving a medical-marijuana activist who filed suit has been dismissed. In response to the 26-count lawsuit that medical marijuana patient and activist Susan Soares filed against the department and ... (Query: Susan Soares Redondo Beach California) (Thread: 19237)

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