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Ohio Cincinnati Officer Darrell Beavers set up fake police station, got nude pics of 17-year-old girl

Discussion in 'Incidents of Police Abuse, Misconduct, Negligence' started by M, Oct 13, 2013.

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    Perp: Officer Darrell Beavers

    Department: Cincinnati Police Department

    Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

    Beaver Darrell.jpg
    Officer Darrell Beavers sporting new orange togs​

    Fox 19: Cop indicted on charges of setting up fake police station, receiving nude pics (Oct 7 2013)

    In September of 2013, the parent of a 17-year-old Cincinnati Police Explorer became concerned about his daughter's contact with CPD Officer Darrell Beavers. Cincinnati Police Explorers is a program set up for teens who may be interested in a career in law enforcement. Deters says the parent complained to CPD and an investigation begun.

    Deters said in a news release that cops discovered that Officer Beavers had set up a false CPD substation at an apartment in the 2600 block of Bushnell Street in East Price Hill. When police searched the apartment in late September, they report finding a bed, bedding, food, personal lubricant, videos and a night vision camera belonging to Cincinnati police.

    Police say Beavers destroyed a cell phone after he became aware of police investigation into this matter.
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    WCPO: Apartment manager says officer duped her into opening fake police substation (Oct 2 2013)

    French Quarter apartments manager Marti Burcham said the officer, who is not being named, approached her and asked if she would like a substation. For Burcham, the thought of extra police security was a no-brainer. "Two weeks later, he came back and said, 'yes, we were approved’ and we had to furnish an apartment and the electricity," Burcham said. Burcham said she then began moving things into apartment No. 9, including a bed. She was also told to put a Cincinnati Police Department sticker on the window of the stairwell, she said. "I saw him move stuff in -- a computer and stuff like that -- and he hung the sign on the window, so I thought it was all perfectly legit," Burcham said.
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    WCPO: Cincinnati police officer indicted on charges involving nude photos of teen, fake substation (Oct 7 2013)

    Beavers participated in The Cincinnati Police Explorer program, a program for teenagers interested in a career in law enforcement. Founded in 1973, the program is only open to young people age 14 to 21, according to its website. In September 2013, the parent of a 17-year-old Cincinnati Police Explorer became concerned about his daughter’s contact with Beavers, Deters said. He later complained to the Cincinnati Police Department which resulted in an investigation into Beavers' activities. It was later determined Beavers received nude photos of the teen, Deters said.


    Beavers is also charged with improper use of an apartment at 2600 Bushnell Street in East Price Hill ... The theft charge against Beavers is based on his use of the apartment for free and claiming it was for official Cincinnati police business.
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    Fox 19: FOX19 Investigates: Indicted officer's NFL career & prior arrest (Oct 7 2013)

    Indicted police officer Darrell Beavers, a 44-year-old who grew-up in Louisville, once hoped to star in the NFL and was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1991. But an arrest prior to the draft dinged his reputation and was likely among the issues that led him to being picked in the 12th Round, FOX19 has learned ... The reporter revealed Beavers had pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal trespassing just a couple of months before the article was written. Police in Morehead, Kentucky, had originally arrested Beavers on a charge of stealing a woman's stereo. However, according to the newspaper, someone else's fingerprints were on it, which led to the plea deal.

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