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Nebraska Fairbury Officer Stanly Colby arrested for theft of police cruiser after lengthy chase

Discussion in 'Incidents of Police Abuse, Misconduct, Negligence' started by M, Oct 20, 2013.

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    Perp: Officer Stanly Colby

    Department: Fairbury Police Department

    Location: Fairbury, Nebraska

    Colby Stanly.jpg
    Fairbury Officer Stanly Colby​

    1011 Now: Fairbury Officer Arrested for Stealing Police Cruiser (Sept 16 2013)

    Authorities in western Nebraska were alerted Saturday afternoon, about a stolen Fairbury Police cruiser, believed to be driven by a uniformed Fairbury Police Officer, 40-year-old Stanly Colby. North Platte Police Sergeant Jeff Foote said Colby was believed to have been distraught and heading to the McCook area ... Foote said Colby finally stopped and was arrested by several agencies, without incident, about six miles south of North Platte.
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    WOWT: Town Can't Have Police Vehicle Back, Evidence In Theft By Officer Case (Oct 11 2013)

    Forty-year-old Stanly Colby, a Fairbury police officer, is accused of stealing the 2013 Ford Explorer. Colby was stopped September 14th on U.S. Highway 83 south of North Platte, about 200 miles west of Fairbury. He was still wearing his uniform. Deputies drove him to Lincoln this week for a psychiatric evaluation to see whether he is competent to stand trial. Chief Lincoln County Sheriff's Deputy Roland Kramer says Fairbury can't have the vehicle back until the case is closed, despite requests from Fairbury's chief.

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