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“Serious social unrest is coming in the next 5-10 years in this country as the police state gets dialed down.”

Hearne killer Stephen Stem kills again - bags 93-year-old grandma Pearlie Golden at her own house

Discussion in 'Worst of the Worst' started by M, May 7, 2014.

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    Serial Killer-Cop Stephen Stem

    What does it take to get these psychopaths disarmed and off our streets?
    Unstable employement history -- did they "pass the trash"?
    • Joined the Hearne Police Department July 22 2012, six months later shot & killed Tederalle Satchell; back on the job barely a year, now he's bagged a 93-year-old granny, Pearlie Golden, in her own front yard
    • Worked one year for Lott Police Department
    • Worked three years for Bryan Police Department

    According to a reader comment at Topix subsequent his first killing at Hearne:

    ... Second, Stem was asked to resign at Bryan less than a year ago, than Hearne hired him. Hearne should stop hiring the less than desirables from Bryan...

    Did Hearne fail to do their due diligence when they hired this serial killer? And fail again when they put him back on the streets after his first killing?


    Regarding his previous killing (From: Texas mayor: Fire officer who shot 93-year-old)...

    The circumstances surrounding Stem's first fatal shooting on the job in Hearne were far different. Stiegert said several officers had responded to a call of shots fired and wound up chasing three men who fled on foot. The one who died wasn't armed when shot by Stem, Stiegert said, but had been during the pursuit.

    Repeat after me:
    • wasn't armed when shot by Stem
    • wasn't armed when shot by Stem
    • wasn't armed when shot by Stem
    • wasn't armed when shot by Stem
    ... until it sinks in. They ran him down & executed him, even though he had no gun at that point.

    Stephen Stem is an armed coward who kills people when there is need to kill them.

    And this little gem:

    He said officers can be distinctly heard on tape yelling to put the gun down before shots were fired.

    Cops yell things in part to distort the picture that bystanders and recordings ultimately perceive. There are countless examples of cops yelling "quit resisting" while they pummel compliant victims with their hands, knees and batons. "Put the gun down" is equally meaningless, especially given that the guy wasn't armed when they shot him.

    Remember: Cops lie -- all the time. The corollary to that is "Cops lie: Record everything."


    Both of Stephen Stem's victims were Afro-Americans, and police in Hearne, Texas, have a well substantiated history of discriminating against Afro-Americans. They were sued by the ACLU in 2002:

    Regina Kelly v. John Paschall, was filed on behalf of 15 African-American residents of Hearne who were indicted in November 2000 on drug charges after being rounded up in a series of unlawful paramilitary drug "sweeps." The case closely resembles the notorious 1999 drug bust scandal in nearby Tulia, where 45 people -- all but three of them African-American -- were arrested and indicted on bogus drug charges.


    Of the ACLU clients named in today's complaint, one man was arrested at the funeral of his 18-month-old daughter and held for a month before charges were dropped. Others were able to show through time cards and witnesses that they were at work during the time they were accused of participating in drug deals.

    The suit was finally settled in 2005 after a trial date was set.

    Racist, crooked cops seem to be a tradition in Hearne, Texas.


    And their problems extend right to their chief, who might be in rehab rather than working. From KTBX in 2009:

    He hasn't even been on the job a year, but for the second time in two months, Hearne Police Chief, Gene Wilganowski is on administrative leave without pay. City Manager, Pee Wee Drake says, Wilganowski is in rehab for alcohol related problems, but he's still the chief and the city is standing by him. Drake says Wilganowski has a personal problem that he's dealing with and the city is respecting his privacy, during this time. As for Wilganowski's job performance, Drake says he's been doing a great job and that the City of Hearne has benefited from his many years in law enforcement.

    But this should give everyone a warm, fuzzy feeling:

    During the chief's absence, a twelve year veteran of the force and Hearne native, Lt. Thomas Williams is running the department. Wilganowski became Hearne's interim police chief last July, when the City Council accepted the resignation of then chief, Robert Parsley. In December 2008, the council permanently made Wiganowski police chief.

    Let's do some simple math: 2009 - 12 = 1997. Thomas Williams tenure ran from 1997 - 2009, entirely overlapping the atrocities in the ACLU lawsuit. Thomas Williams is Hearne's police chief today.


    And from the one thing leads to another department, why did the above-referenced "then chief, Robert Parsely" resign? Apparently his law enforcement activities perhaps got a little too close to certain city council members for their comfort. You can read about it at the Bryan-College Station Eagle. It's a bit long-winded, and frankly after reading it I can't decide whether it was the city council or the chief that was crooked, but something about Chief Robert Parsely's departure doesn't pass the smell test. One or the other was compromised.


    And this is the kind of government that gives a badge & gun to a questionable, transient cop who's shot two people who didn't need to be shot.


    Interesting -- Hearne fires half of its city council on the same day that the city council fires its two-time killer:

    Half of Hearne’s City Council voted out on same day police officer fired

    The same day the Hearne City Council voted unanimously to terminate the police officer who shot and killed a 93-year-old woman, half of them are voted out themselves.
    • According to a report from KBTX, Lashunda White heavily defeated Place 2 Councilman Larry Welch with 58 percent of the vote. The 589 votes for White to 425 votes for Welch is by far the biggest margin of victory in the council races.
    • Matthew Gomez, the son of Hearne’s mayor, was beat by challenger Hazel Embra. Embra received just 39 more votes (540-501) than Gomez. But it was enough to give her 52 percent of the votes and the Place 4 seat.
    • In a loss that is sure to sting, Councilman Steven Catalina lost to challenger Joyce Rattler by just one vote (509-508). It is unclear whether Catalina will ask for a recount.
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    Pearlie Golden aka "Ms. Sully"
    Shot 5 times by Hearne Officer Stephen Stem

    This photo reportedly was taken in the 1980's -- age her about 30 years and you'll see the terror that Hearne's coward-cop Stephen Stem gunned down in her own yard.​

    Apparently Pearlie Golden was upset that her driver's license wasn't being renewed and that her nephew was trying to take her car keys from her. Her nephew called the cops, and Officer Stephen Stem showed up & put five slugs in granny:

    Elderly Woman Shot & Killed By Hearne Police Officer

    News 3 has learned the person who has called 911 is Pearlie Golden's nephew. A few days ago, the DMV refused to renew her driver’s license. The nephew was trying to take her keys away. Golden got upset, grabbed her gun and threatened him. When Officer Stephen Stem arrived, he asked Golden to “put down the weapon and then ultimately fir(ed) his own sidearm, wounding Miss Golden.” Multiple witnesses tell us they heard at least five shots. Golden was pronounced dead at St Joseph's Hospital in Bryan before 10:00 p.m. Tuesday.

    I'm just fed up with reading about cops who are too lazy and/or too stupid to solve problems short of killing people.
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    Police Officer Shoots, Kills 93-Year-Old Woman During 911 Call

    Pearlie Golden, 93, was reportedly shot five times by a police officer in Hearne, Texas on Tuesday ... Golden reportedly grabbed a gun and threatened him. Police Officer Stephen Stem arrived, told Golden to “put down the weapon and then ultimately ... (Query: Officer Stephen Stem Hearne Texas) (Thread: 21479)

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    Hearne officer involved in shooting of elderly woman was also involved in 2012 fatal shooting

    Robertson County District Attorney Coty Siegert said officer Stephen Stem, who has been with the Hearne Police Department for about ... Stem has been placed on paid administrative leave. Texas Rangers, the lead investigators in officer-involved shootings ... (Query: Officer Stephen Stem Hearne Texas) (Thread: 21479)

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    A 93-year-old woman was shot five times by Texas cops leading ... later on declared dead. The officer who shot the 93-year-old woman has been suspended with pay. County Officials said the officer, identified as Stephen Stem, fired his gun after asking ... (Query: Officer Stephen Stem Hearne Texas) (Thread: 21479)

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    Texas woman, 93, pulled trigger first before being killed by police, nephew says

    HEARNE, Texas — The nephew of a 93-year-old Texas woman ... Police have said that Golden “brandished a gun” when officer Stephen Stem arrived. A preliminary autopsy shows Golden was shot twice and grazed by a third bullet, Robertson County District ... (Query: Officer Stephen Stem Hearne Texas) (Thread: 21479)

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    Texas mayor says police officer should be fired after fatally shooting 93-year-old woman

    HEARNE, Texas - Friends say 93-year-old Pearlie Golden still shopped ... Hearne police have said in a statement that Golden "brandished a gun" when officer Stephen Stem arrived Tuesday night. Authorities say a revolver believed to be the weapon Golden ... (Query: Officer Stephen Stem Hearne Texas) (Thread: 21479)

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    Residents Protest Police Killing of 93-Year-Old Black Woman in Texas

    More than 100 people gathered Thursday in Hearne ... when a police officer arrived following a reported dispute with her nephew, who was trying to take away her car keys after she failed a driver’s test. The officer involved, Stephen Stem, previously ... (Query: Officer Stephen Stem Hearne Texas) (Thread: 21479)

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    Protesters demand action after police officer shoots 93-year-old woman

    HEARNE, Texas — The city of Hearne ... When they got there, they say Golden “brandished a firearm.” Officer Stephen Stem fired at least three shots. Golden later died at a hospital in Bryan. “Maybe the answers will come later,” said Charles ... (Query: Officer Stephen Stem Hearne Texas) (Thread: 21479)

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    93 year-old woman gunned down in home by police, investigators say she was armed (w/ video)

    Hearne, TX (CNN) - Friends of a 93-year-old woman shot and killed ... He later found out his friend of 25 years, Perlie Golden, known as Ms. Sully, had been shot. She went to this church for most of her life. That's why all you have to do is take a short ... (Query: Perlie Golden Hearne Texas) (Thread: 21479)

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