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Judge Blasts Rochester, NY Police Department After Cops Help Abusive Ex-Boyfriend Break into...

Discussion in 'Davy Vara' started by DavyV., May 23, 2018.

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  1. DavyV.

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    Rochester, NY Police Officer Jim Laruez kicks in domestic violence victim’s door.

    By Davy V.

    Last November Rochester, NY Police Officer Korey McNees responded to a home in Rochester’s 19th Ward neighborhood, where an abusive ex-boyfriend who just hours earlier had run over his girlfriend Catherine Bonner’s foot, with his car, breaking it, was trying to gain access into the woman’s home.

    Instead of protecting the woman, a victim of domestic abuse, Officer McNees encouraged the man to break into the home.

    And it was all captured on video.

    In the November 13, 2017 body cam video, not only does Rochester, NY Police Officer Korey McNees repeatedly tell Bonner’s ex-boyfriend that he can break into her home, but Officer McNees goes as far citing a New York State law which McNees says gives the man the right to break in.

    At first, Bonner’s ex-boyfriend, whose name has not been released, seems hesitant to take Officer McNees’ advice, but after McNees continues to encourage the man to break in, he does just that, smashing out a window on the side of Bonner’s home.


    Catherine Bonner’s ex-boyfriend smashes out her home’s window.

    And that’s when things escalate.

    Bonner sticks out a 9mm rifle out of the window.

    Then Rochester, NY Police Officer Jim Laruez kicks in Bonner’s door, point guns at her, then conduct an unconstitutional, illegal, warrantless search of her home, where they find several firearms.


    Rochester, NY Police Officer Jim Laruez

    Rochester Police then charge Bonner with menacing for what they claim was Bonner pointing the rifle at them, and also charge Bonner with illegal possession of several firearms.

    In the body cam video Rochester, NY Police Officer Korey McNees tells Bonner’s ex-boyfriend, “so let me tell you what New York State law says. New York State law says you live here... you have a right to kick the door in if you want to gain access.”

    Only problem is no such law exists.

    And Tuesday afternoon, a New York State Supreme Court Justice blasted the Rochester, NY Police Department,

    “Officer McNees’ pronouncements as to New York Law, were, as far as this court can determine, without actual basis in New York Law,” New York State Supreme Court Justice Charles Schiano Jr. writes in his decision in a hearing Tuesday afternoon after Bonner’s attorney made a motion to have evidence against her suppressed.

    Justice Schiano’s decision continues:

    “Moreover, this advisement was offered without any investigation into whether (the ex-boyfriend’s) claims were true. Worse, officers ignored information they learned in the course of the 24 minutes before (ex-boyfriend) broke the window that was contrary to his story or could have led them to exercise an appropriate level of restraint and caution in this situation.”

    The information Justice Schiano refers to in his decision is the fact that during the 24-minute video, which has been edited for time, Catherine Bonner’s ex-boyfriend tells police about the domestic abuse, including having run Bonner’s foot over just hours earlier.

    But yet despite this information, none of the Rochester, NY Police Officers including Korey McNees, and Officer Laruez who is seen kicking in Bonner’s door, bothered to take the time to look up the incident report for the domestic abuse, and instead encouraged Bonner’s ex to break in her home.

    And that’s the Rochester, NY Police Department.

    The same corrupt police agency I’ve exposed for years.

    Judge Schiano ruled the search of Bonner’s residence by Rochester, NY Police, unconstitutional.

    Neither Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli, nor Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren have made a comment regarding this incident.

    I will be updating this story.



    Rochester, NY Police Officer Korey McNees as he repeatedly encourages abusive ex-boyfriend to break into woman’s home.


    Ex-boyfriend breaking into woman’s home.


    Ex-boyfriend smashes woman’s window.


    Catherine Bonner sticks rifle out window after abusive ex-boyfriend breaks window.


    Rifle barrel pointing out of broken window.


    Rochester, NY Police Officer points gun at Catherine Bonner.



    Rochester, NY Police Officer Jim Laruez kicks in Catherine Bonner’s door.



    Rochester, NY Police hold domestic violence victim Catherine Bonner at gunpoint.


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