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Texas Longview Officer Adam Vanover resigns, Lt. Ronald Buckner suspended, alleged sexual contact on duty

Discussion in 'Notes and Outlines' started by M, May 12, 2014.

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    Perps: Patrol Officer Adam Vanover, Lieutenant Ronald Buckner

    Department: Longview Police Department

    Location: Longview, Texas


    Longview Patrol Officer Adam Vanover, Lieutenant Ronald Buckner​


    1 ETX officer resigns, 1 on leave after allegations of sexual conduct, policy violations

    A police officer in Longview has resigned from his position on the squad and a lieutenant has been placed on leave as a result of an investigation into allegations of alleged sexual contact while on duty. According to the Longview Police Department, Patrol Office Adam Vanover submitted his resignation, Friday, April 25, after and investigation stemmed from allegations he had engaged in sexual conduct while on duty. Also, Lt. Ronald Buckner a 34-year-veteran with Longview Police Department, was placed on leave accused of being involved in the situation concerning Vanover.

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