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California Manteca pays out $2.2M for Officer John Moody's killing of unarmed Ernesto Duenez Jr.

Discussion in 'Incidents of Police Abuse, Misconduct, Negligence' started by M, Apr 28, 2014.

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    Perp: Officer John Moody

    Victim: Ernesto Duenez Jr.

    Department: Manteca Police Department

    Location: Manteca, California


    Ernesto Duenez Jr.
    Unarmed man shot 11 times


    Officer John Moody, Manteca Police Department's "Great White Hunter"
    13 shots, 11 hits, never mind that his victim was unarmed

    Manteca's continued marksmanship & policing skills have since been underscored
    by a $2,200,000 settlement between the City of Manteca and the victim's family

    $2.2 million settlement ends lawsuit over Manteca police shooting

    Ernesto Duenez Jr., who was wanted for violating parole, was confronted on June 8, 2011, by Officer John Moody, an 11-year Manteca police officer at the time of the shooting. Officers had information that Duenez may have been armed with a knife, a gun or both, according to court documents. As Duenez was getting out of the pickup in which he was a passenger, he appeared to be holding something in his right hand, which Moody later testified was a "large knife." After the shooting, a knife was found in the bed of the pickup. How it got there was never determined.


    "The final shots were fired after (Duenez) had fallen to the ground," according to an order on cross-motions for summary judgment that U.S. District Judge Lawrence K. Karlton issued in December. Duenez lay on the ground writhing in agony after Moody stopped shooting, court records show. Emergency medical personnel arrived seven minutes later, but it was too late to save him. Duenez was 35.
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    Manteca, Calif., killer cop cleared of any wrongdoing

    Video of shooting goes viral

    December 23 2012

    On Dec. 12, the San Joaquin County District Attorney's Office cleared Manteca police officer John Moody of any wrongdoing for the shooting death of Ernest Duenez Jr. on June 8, 2011. Moody fired 13 times, with 11 bullets hitting Duenez as he struggled to exit a truck parked in his own yard. Moody is back on the job, free to continue terrorizing the people of Manteca.

    The DA claims that Moody legitimately believed his life was in danger, claiming that he saw Duenez with a throwing knife in hand. After Duenez's death, the Manteca police had to acknowledge that the reason Duenez was slow to exit the vehicle was because his leg had become caught in the safety belt. Police claim that a small knife was found in the truck bed, while Duenez was in the passenger seat.
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    When I see this video, the first thing that comes to mind are the "Save a life, kill a cop" fliers that people have been stuffing into newspapers in Albuquerque.
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    I can't find any current information about the Dominic Aguilar case in the San Joaquin County court records. The latest news report I found was from late May 23 2013 (‘Threats’ against officer’s life: Terrorist threats or free speech?) indicating that the arraignment was being continued until June 18 2013. I suspect the charges were dropped and the case expunged.

    These charges were a clear violation of Dominic Aguilar's 1st amendment rights. The idiot DA who pursued this case should be tarred and feathered.

    Manteca police accused of targeting Duenez supporters

    Jan 10 2013

    Family members of Ernest Duenez released shocking video to get justice for what they call murder at the hands of Manteca police Officer John Moody. They started a Facebook page called "Justice for Ernest Duenez Jr." to rally support, but some of the posts have caught the attention of law enforcement. "It's not right," Duenez's cousin Christina Arechiga said. "It shows their reach. It shows them trying to intimidate people so they can stop us from what we are doing."

    Dominic Aguilar was arrested for felony terrorist threats because of a comment posted to the Facebook page. It read "50 rounds to your dome moody." "I think people have a right to free speech," Arechiga said. "I feel they have a right to say what they feel as long as they are not acting on it." Arechiga does not condone violence, but believes people express their frustrations in different ways. "[Aguilar is] not the murderer. John Moody is the murderer," Arechiga said. "He may have put words on a Facebook page but he didn't go out and commit the crime."
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