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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 04-17-14

Discussion in 'Police Misconduct' started by CATO Police Misconduct, Apr 18, 2014.

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  1. Here are the 13 reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, April 17, 2014:

    • Update: Longmont, Colorado (First reported 12-02-14): A now-former police officer [Officer Christopher Martinchick] who admitted to attempted sexual assault of a woman was sentenced to eight years of sex offender intensive supervise probation.
    • Jefferson Parish, Louisiana: A video shows a man [Don Rell Breaux] pleading with an officer [not named] not to shoot him, and asking why he was going to jail. A law professor says it appears his rights were violated while the police department is defending the deputy.
    • Cranston, Rhode Island: A police captain [Captain Stephen Antonucci] has been fired after a ticket blitz occurred. After three council members voted against a new police contract, tickets were handed out in their three wards.
    • Lodi, California: The family of a man [Parminder Shergill] shot and killed by police filed a federal lawsuit against the city claiming the officers [Officer Scott Bratton, Officer Adam Lockie] used excessive force and that they intentionally and recklessly provoked the man, which led to a violent confrontation.
    • Radcliff, Kentucky: A boy [Ryan Seaman] was arrested for not giving an officer his name. It has led to questions about the First Amendment.
    • South Bend, Indiana: A mother is speaking out in what she says is a vicious case of police brutality. She says her son [Tom Stevens] was brutally attacked by a police officer [Officer Aaron Knepper] in her driveway.
    • Anaheim, California: A lawsuit has been filed alleging the civil rights of a gang member [Martin Angel Hernandez] were violated when he was fatally shot by police [Officer Dan Hurtado]. The suit questions police versions of events. It says that instead of calling an ambulance, an officer picked up the victim and threw him back onto the ground after he was shot.
    • East St. Louis, Illinois: A state trooper [Officer Cory Alberson] is facing felony aggravated battery charges after authorities say he strip-searched a man along the side of a road during a traffic stop.
    • Louisville, Kentucky: A detective [Detective Carl Payne] from a high-profile police unit was charged with official misconduct for allegedly offering help with court cases in exchange for sex and sexually explicit text messages.
    • Update: Athens-Clarke, Georgia (First reported 02-16-12): A police officer [Officer Christopher Lee Burton] arranged to have a fellow officer take a bribe from a friend who wanted to buy his way out of a DUI arrest.
    • Roseville, Minnesota: Four officers [Officer Justin Gunderson, Officer Erin Reski, Officer Kyle Eckert, Officer Grant Dattilo] are being sued for excessive force stemming from an incident after a traffic stop [victim: Victor Yair Hernandez-Rivera].
    • Dona Ana, New Mexico: The state police are recommending a sheriff’s deputy [Deputy Eden Terrazas] be charged with vehicular manslaughter [victim: Natividad Nunez].
    • Update: Wilcox County, Alabama (First reported 06-28-14): A sheriff’s deputy [Greg Barge] was indicted on 8 counts of trafficking cocaine from his patrol car. He plead guilty to several charges.
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