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“Serious social unrest is coming in the next 5-10 years in this country as the police state gets dialed down.”

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 05-03-14 to 05-05-14

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  1. Here are the 14 reports of police misconduct tracked for Saturday, May 3 to Monday, May 5, 2014:

    • Milwaukee, Wisconsin: A woman [Tanya Weyker] is fighting to make things right after a sheriff’s deputy [Deputy Joseph Quiles] allegedly hit her with his car and then arrested her for drunk driving. Since she was unable to blow into a breathalyzer due to her injuries, the officer charged her with OWI despite causing the crash himself. Blood tests later revealed that she had no alcohol or drugs in her system at the time of the crash and the district attorney declined to file charges.
    • New York City, New York: An off-duty officer [Officer Jarmarie Flowers] was charged with reckless endangerment after he was accused of firing his gun during an argument outside an apartment building.
    • San Diego County, Vista, California: The Sheriff’s Department apologized, but now is facing a family’s lawsuit over a deputy [Deputy Jeffrey Guy] who pepper sprayed and beat their 21-year-old son [Antonio Martinez], who has Down syndrome, when he failed to obey the deputy’s orders.
    • Update: Mount Kisco, New York (First reported 01-06-14): A police officer [Officer James Whalen] has resigned after pleading guilty to punching his pregnant ex-girlfriend in the face in front of their two-year old child.
    • Pasco, Washington: A police officer [Zachary Fairley] on administrative leave for lying to investigators is facing possible new charges that he tried to solicit a suspected prostitute.
    • Lincoln, Nebraska: Two officers [not named] used excessive force in separate incidents, leading one to quit and another to face a disciplinary committee internal investigators said.
    • North Andover, Massachusetts: An off-duty state trooper [Trooper Dale Jenkins] was arrested and charged with drunken driving and carrying a gun while intoxicated after crashing his car, seriously injuring his passenger, police said.
    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: A police officer [Officer June Nowell] was arrested after she allegedly struck several vehicles with her car and then fled the scene while she was under the influence.
    • Update: Concord, Pennsylvania California (First reported 04-07-14): A K-9 police officer [Matthew Switzer ] who resigned after being arrested and charged with stealing prescription drugs from the elderly pleaded no contest to five counts and received a sentence of 2½ years.
    • Baltimore, Maryland: In a negotiated plea agreement, an officer [Officer Shawn Byron Johnson] has pled guilty court to driving under the influence and two counts of endangering the welfare of children.
    • Update: Dona Ana, New Mexico (First reported 04-17-14): The sheriff’s deputy [Deputy Eden Terrazas] who was driving 114 mph when she hit and killed a pedestrian will not be charged with vehicular homicide. An official said proof to support that charge is not present in this case. She will be prosecuted for lesser included offenses.
    • Los Lunas, New Mexico: A police officer [Officer Charles Vernier] was arrested for allegedly choking a man who was repossessing his vehicle.
    • Update: Waltham, Massachusetts (First reported 03-26-13): A now-former police officer [officer Paul Manganelli] pled guilty to charges of possessing child pornography.
    • Warren, Ohio: A police officer [Officer Reuben Shaw] has been fired after investigators allege that he towed a car from private property, and tried to keep it for himself.
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