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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 05-06-14

Discussion in 'Police Misconduct' started by CATO Police Misconduct, May 7, 2014.

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  1. Here are the 9 reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, May 6, 2014:

    • Napa, California: An off-duty police officer [Officer Sean Ulitin] was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and hit and run after he allegedly lost control of his truck, struck a large tree, rolled his vehicle over and hit a parked car that was pushed into a home.
    • Wilmer, Texas: A police department is investigating allegations of an officer [Officer Chuck Hamilton] using excessive force against a teen [Tommy Soroka]. The family of the teenager says the boy was kicked in the head, but police tell a different story. Either way, a police officer is suspended and the department is taking another look at its policies.
    • Hinds County, Mississippi: Police say a 25-year-old man [basketball coach Justin Griffin] died after a deputy [Deputy Joshua Adams], who was acting as the referee, punched him at a basketball game. The deputy is now facing charges.
    • Maricopa County, Arizona: A deputy [Ramon "Charley" Armendariz] turned himself in after a standoff. Detectives issued a search warrant and carried away bags of evidence, according to neighbors. Deputies said they found methamphetamines and drug paraphernalia. The deputy has resigned.
    • Update: Nassau County, New York (First reported 06-25-13): A police officer [Officer Anthony DiLeonardo] who was off-duty and not in uniform when he shot a retreating, unarmed cabdriver [Thomas Moroughan] after a night of drinking with another cop was fired.
    • Elmwood Park, Illinois: A police officer [Sergeant John Wasilenko] is accused of using his police powers to run background checks and start a relationship with a woman [Stephanie Albanese] while she was estranged from her husband [Benito Albanese], according to court documents.
    • Modesto, California: A mentally challenged teenager [Anthony Nunez] and his family are suing the city in federal court, claiming police officers [Officer Dan Starr, Officer John Wesley, Officer Lyndon Yates, Officer Mark Phillips, Officer Charlene Young, Officer Joe Overa, Chief Galen Carroll] violated the teen’s rights by wrongfully arresting and interrogating him and coercing a confession from him in a drive-by shooting he did not commit.
    • Adairsville, Georgia: A family is seeking unspecified monetary compensation after their family member [William Burton] was shot and killed by police on “illegal” warrants taken by the police department.
    • Benton County, Richland, Washington: A sheriff’s deputy [Deputy Shane Benningfield] accused of illegally using steroids has resigned.
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