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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 05-07-14

Discussion in 'Police Misconduct' started by CATO Police Misconduct, May 8, 2014.

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  1. Here are the 11 reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, May 7, 2014:

    • Portland, Oregon: While under investigation for alleged threats and harassment of two ex-wives [Nicole Gibson, Laurie Grant], a police officer [Officer Jason Lobaugh] resigned.
    • Nassau County, New York: Two police officers [not named] are under investigation after video surfaced that showed them violently striking a driver [Kyle Howell] during a traffic stop.
    • Update: Eddy County, North Dakota (First reported 9/03/13): A sheriff [Sheriff Brandon Maygra] says he’s innocent of child abuse charges. He was charged with felony “Abuse or Neglect of a Child,” in connection with the alleged physical abuse of his stepson.
    • Peoria, Illinois: A decorated police officer [Officer John McCavitt] has been arrested on aggravated child pornography charges. It’s his third arrest in less than a year.
    • Trenton, New Jersey: A lawsuit filed says the destructive actions of police [Detective Jason Astbury, Officer Wilfredo Delgado, Director Ralph Rivera Jr.] caused the death of a man [Orenthia “Pookie” Upshur Jr.]. His mother filed suit, saying her son was killed following a high-speed chase. No criminal charges were filed against the officers involved.
    • Lower Windsor Township, Pennsylvania: A man [Jeff Blitz] says troopers [not named] shot his dog [Ace] before they knocked on his door and identified themselves. They went to his home to issue a warrant for a girl who no longer lives in the house. Police say the dog charged, but the owner says the dog was shot in the side, indicating he was not attacking.
    • Longview, Texas: A police officer [Patrol Officer Adam Vanover] has resigned from his position on the squad and a lieutenant [Lieutenant Ronald Buckner] has been placed on leave as a result of an investigation into allegations of sexual contact while on duty.
    • Henderson, Nevada: A police captain [Captain Bobby Long] is now under investigation after he apparently threatened bankers. The off-duty officer was forced to wait a few minutes to cash a check at the bank.
    • Franklin, Kentucky: The police chief [Police Chief Todd Holder] has resigned after being suspended while the city conducted an internal investigation of his office. According to personnel records, the city listed several reasons for his suspension, including allegations that he falsified documents and used city resources for personal benefit.
    • Lowndes County, Georgia: A sheriff’s deputy [Deputy Jason Stacks] pled guilty to conspiracy. Prosecutors say he admitted to taking money from Hispanic drivers during unlawful traffic stops and telling the victims they faced arrest or deportation if they didn’t pay him.
    • Fulton County, Georgia: A now-former deputy sheriff [Deputy Reginald Warren] pled guilty in federal court to demanding money from security officers he assigned to work at public swimming pools. He hired officers and coordinated their schedules, but soon demanded payments from at least three of them in exchange for continuing to assign them more work.
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