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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 10-17-12

Discussion in 'Police Misconduct' started by CATO Police Misconduct, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. Here are the 9 reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, October 17, 2012:
    • Lee County, Florida: A sergeant [Ross Dipasquale] is off of the job after accusations came out that he told deputies to ignore extra work like traffic stops. He told them this after officers did not get a pay raise during union negotiations. “I understand that sometimes, people will disagree with decisions that are made – maybe they have ups and downs in their mood, but actually telling young aggressive deputies to do less than they’re expected to do is unacceptable,” the Sheriff said.
    • Berwick, Pennsylvania: An officer [Jimmie Hill] has been accused of providing alcohol to a 19-year-old girl. After she filed charges against him, the officer resigned.
    • Charleston, West Virginia: A former police [Christopher Winkler, 27] officer accused of bribing a 17-year-old boy into sex has pleaded guilty to a bribery charge. Police said the officer — allegedly in uniform and on duty — met a 17-year-old boy in the parking lot of a supermarket, and tried to get the boy to perform oral sex on him to pay off a debt owed by the boy.
    • Tupelo, Mississippi: A state trooper [Christopher Gary Hughes] has been accused of depriving a woman of her civil rights after an alleged “stomping” in the county jail. Acting “under color of law,” he is accused of assaulting the woman by throwing her on the concrete floor, striking her face against the floor, stomping her head against the floor and kicking her “without legal justification.”
    • Upper Marlboro, Maryland: A woman has said in court that a deputy [Lamar McIntyre] raped her for 30 minutes in a courthouse holding cell while she was waiting for her court hearing. She reported the rape, and the officer admitted his involvement in the felony and has been indicted.
    • Update: Crookston, Minnesota: The North Dakota sheriff’s deputy [Adam Koenig] who was charged in a break- in at a convenience store has resigned from his job as an officer.
    • St. Lucia County, Florida: A deputy [Justin Parker] received a 20-day suspension and was ordered to attend an anger management class after a road rage incident.
    • Molalla, Oregon: An officer [James Barnhart] has been charged with conspiring to help another person avoid filing as a registered sex offender. He was also charged with false swearing and official misconduct, and is currently on paid leave.
    • Phoenix, Arizona: Key evidence in a lawsuit showing that officers willfully neglected a woman [Deborah Braillard] was destroyed by officers. The sheriff’s office [Joe Arpaio] must now pay $3.25 million for her death while in custody. She was diabetic, and was denied insulin for three days while in jail. When she was finally taken to the hospital, she had entered a diabetic coma, and then died.
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