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“Serious social unrest is coming in the next 5-10 years in this country as the police state gets dialed down.”

New York NYPD cowboy cops shoot bystanders Theodora Ray (on a 4-wheel walker) and Sahara Khoshakhlagh

Discussion in 'Incidents of Police Abuse, Misconduct, Negligence' started by M, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. M

    M Muckraker

    Great day of target practice for a couple NYPD rookies at the Port Authority bus terminal, they'll probably get medals for valor ... :rolleyes:

    They eventually corralled the nut-case they were after (Glen Broadnax) with a taser.

    Victims: Theodora Ray, 54 (leaning on four-wheeled walker); Sahara Khoshakhlagh, 35

    Perps: Names not released

    Department: New York Police Department

    Location: New York City, New York

    NY Post: Cops shoot two bystanders on Broadway (Sept 15 2013)
    Cops trying to subdue an emotionally disturbed man with a long rap sheet accidentally shot two female bystanders outside Port Authority Bus Terminal on Saturday night, source said.
    • Theodora Ray, 54, was struck in her leg — breaking two bones in her calf — as she stood leaning on her four-wheeled walker across from the terminal;
    • Sahara Khoshakhlagh, 35, was grazed in her buttocks.
  2. From the New York Times:
    The shooting on Saturday night immediately raised questions about the police’s use of deadly force, especially in a crowded area where bystanders were in the line of fire. On Sunday, police officials, including the commissioner, Raymond W. Kelly, refused to say if the shooting appeared justified, saying that the circumstances were being investigated.
    Department guidelines say officers may not fire their weapons unless they believe they or other people are in imminent danger of death or serious injury, or if doing so will “unnecessarily endanger innocent persons.” Nonetheless, the courts and the Police Department generally give officers great leeway in deciding when to fire their weapons….
    The two officers were placed on administrative duty pending the department’s internal investigation, as officers typically are after a shooting. The review process can result in retraining for the officer or more serious disciplinary action, including the rarely employed option of dismissal from the force. (That occurred for one officer after the 2006 killing of Sean Bell, who was unarmed. Three others were forced to resign; one was exonerated in a departmental hearing.)​
    Questions About a Police Shooting in New York’s Times Square is a post from
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  3. M

    M Muckraker

    Yes, look at what an unarmed black guy "made them do" -- shoot two innocent women, one of who was on a four-wheel walker.

    Great wrap-up at Popehat after a wacked-out district attorney got a grand jury to indict the unarmed black guy for the shootings ...

    Popehat: NYPD: Baby, You Know We Love You. Why Do You Make Us Angry Like That? (Dec 5 2013)

    As long as you ignore the fact that the shooting victims were innocent bystanders, hitting two people with three shots represents unusual excellence in marksmanship for the NYPD, matching another recent incident in which skilled NYPD officers were able to hit their target and nine bystanders with only 16 bullets. Overall the NYPD usually requires about 331 rounds to hit 54 targets, of which 14 will be innocent bystanders, 24 will be dogs, and 16 will be people the NYPD was actually aiming at. Statistically, if you aren't a dog, it is slightly more dangerous to be the person the NYPD was shooting at than a bystander (16 people out of 331 shots for intended targets for a 4.8% hit rate vs. 14 people out of 331 shots for bystanders, a 4.2% hit rate.) NYPD has a better success rate for other weapons, and certain factors, like shooting unarmed people in the back, tend to increase hit rates.

    When NYPD officers fire 331 shots, and hit 16 targeted people, 24 dogs, but also 14 bystanders, there is a problem.

    That problem is the people who are making the NYPD think they need to open fire.

    That's why the District Attorney has indicted Glenn Broadnax, the mentally ill homeless man who created the disturbance in Times Square back in September.


    This is perfectly fair. Look, Mr. Broadnax, you know how the NYPD is. They love the people of New York. They just . . . they just get stressed out and angry sometimes. Why do you have to make them angry like that? Look what you made them do now. Look what you made them do.

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