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San Diego deputy Jeffrey Guy batters mentally disabled man (Antonio Martinez) w/ Down syndrome

Discussion in 'Worst of the Worst' started by M, May 6, 2014.

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    Perp: Deputy Jeffrey Guy

    Victim: Antonio Martinez

    Department: San Diego County Sheriff's Department

    Location: San Diego County, Vista, California


    Antonio Martinez, man with Down syndrome, beaten and'
    pepper sprayed by San Diego County Deputy Jeffrey Guy​


    Duh, sheriff, all you can say is, "We made a mistake"? Why is this abusive deputy still on your payroll? Apologies don't fix something like this. You have to get rid of the bad apples, permanently.

    Suit alleges deputy beat mentally disabled man

    The Sheriff’s Department apologized, but now it is facing a Vista family’s lawsuit over a deputy who pepper sprayed and beat their 21-year-old son, who has Down syndrome, when he failed to obey the deputy’s orders. Antonio Martinez, who has the mental capacity of a 7-year-old, suffered scrapes, bruises and eye irritation from the Dec. 18, 2012 encounter, according to the suit filed Thursday in Vista Superior Court.


    Sheriff’s officials said at the time that Deputy Jeffrey Guy was investigating a reported domestic violence incident when he saw Martinez flip a hood over his head and walk up and down Postal Way. Guy told the 4-foot-11-inch Martinez to stop, but the young man kept walking toward his parents’ bakery. Guy had no reasonable suspicion that Martinez had committed a crime and “became angry at Tony for exercising his constitutional right not to stop for a consensual detention,” the lawsuit alleges. It said the deputy “looked Tony in the face and then unloaded a canister of highly irritating pepper spray into Tony’s face and eyes,” beat him with a weighted baton, slammed his face on the pavement and cuffed him.


    Vista sheriff’s Capt. Joe Rodi later went to the family home to apologize and sheriff’s spokeswoman Jan Caldwell told reporters, “We made a mistake.”
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  2. M

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    Earlier article from the Union Tribune ...

    Baton, pepper spray used in attempt to apprehend pedestrian in Vista

    December 21 2012

    A Vista family is questioning why their 21-year-old son with Down syndrome was roughed up by a sheriff’s deputy while the young man was walking to his father’s bakery. The attempted arrest was a mistake, authorities have admitted.

    The article concludes with this lie:

    Guy has been with the department about four months, after transferring from the San Jose Police Department, where he worked for eight to 10 years, the spokeswoman said. She said he has a good reputation as a law enforcement officer.
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    A "good reputation"? Once upon a time in San Jose ...

    More than a dozen San Jose officers repeatedly used force in resisting arrest cases, probe finds

    December 27 2009

    A review of one year of resisting-arrest cases turned up 10 officers, including Marfia, using force in four or more incidents. Another was Steven Payne Jr., the officer seen on a controversial video shocking a San Jose State University student with his Taser gun. A third was Jeffrey Guy, one of the officers who used force on mechanic Scott Wright in an incident described last month in the newspaper.


    Mercury News investigation: San Jose police often use force in resisting-arrest cases

    October 31 2009

    Scott Wright was fixing the emergency brake on an old Cadillac in a parking lot near Willow Glen last year when the San Jose police rolled up. Within minutes, he had been shot with a Taser and beaten with batons, breaking his arm. The cause of the trouble? Wright reached into his van to wash his greasy hands. Police said they feared he was going for a weapon, but no weapon was found. Wright was charged with resisting arrest, but the district attorney dismissed the case before it got to trial.

    [Often as not, "resisting arrest" is just a trumped up charge to cover up & excuse police brutality:]

    Around the nation, many departments closely monitor cases of resisting arrest because of a concern that the loosely defined crime is a "cover charge" used by errant cops to justify unnecessary force. San Jose police officials last month said, in response to Mercury News questions, that they were instituting a policy to begin tracking such arrests.
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    Looks to me like they "passed the trash" from San Jose to San Diego. When you hire another department's bad cop, what you get is ... a bad cop.
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    Deputy Pepper-Sprays, Beats Man with Down Syndrome: Lawsuit

    According to a lawsuit filed Thursday against the County of San Diego, Deputy Jeffrey Guy and 20 other unnamed defendants, the incident took place on Dec. 18, 2012 in Vista. Antonio “Tony” Martinez -- a 21-year-old adult with Down syndrome -- was ... (Query: Deputy Jeffrey Guy San Diego County Vista California) (Thread: 21323)

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    Family sues California deputies who beat and pepper sprayed man with Down syndrome

    A California family filed suit in Vista Superior Court Thursday alleging that in December of 2012, county sheriff’s deputies brutalized ... On the night of December 18, 2012, Deputy Jeffrey Guy was responding to a domestic disturbance call when he ... (Query: Deputy Jeffrey Guy San Diego County Vista California) (Thread: 21323)

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    Family of Down syndrome man who was pepper-sprayed sue San Diego County Sheriff's Department

    VISTA, California ... by a deputy is suing the San Diego County Sheriff's Department. U-T San Diego ( says the negligence and battery suit was filed Thursday. It involves 21-year-old Antonio Martinez, who has the mental capacity ... (Query: Antonio Martinez San Diego County Vista California) (Thread: 21323)

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