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“Serious social unrest is coming in the next 5-10 years in this country as the police state gets dialed down.”

Pennsylvania State cops serving warrant on someone no longer at home, shoot dog Ace

Discussion in 'Notes and Outlines' started by M, May 12, 2014.

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    M Muckraker

    Perps: not named

    Victims Jeff Blitz, Ace

    Department: Pennsylvania State Police

    Location: Lower Windsor Township, Pennsylvania


    State trooper shoots, kills York County man's dog

    Investigators say they were there to issue a warrant on Blitz's daughter, who no longer lives in the house. According to Jeff, the shooting took place before the task force knocked on the door and identified themselves. State Police say Ace charged at a trooper who fired three shots, two hit the ground, one hit the dog. Jeff says the trooper used excessive force. He says Ace was not aggressive, was licensed with Lower Windsor Township, was never cited for being vicious and was shot in the side, which indicates he was not attacking.

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