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U.S. Marshal Service Trigger-happy U.S. Marshals shoot unarmed man in Albuquerque, steal cameras from witnesses

Discussion in 'Incidents of Police Abuse, Misconduct, Negligence' started by M, Apr 3, 2014.

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    Our tax dollars at work ...

    Perps: Unnamed U.S. Marshals

    Victim: Gilbert Angelo Serrano, 33

    Department: U.S. Marshal Service

    Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

    KQRE: Deputy marshal opens fire, witnesses react (April 1 2014)

    Deputy U.S. Marshals were trying to arrest a known felon wanted on new charges when they say he tried to get away. That’s when they fired. A spokesperson with the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office says the man U.S. Marshals were after is at the hospital where his condition is stable. Witnesses are questioning how this all went down. “Get out of the car! Get out of the vehicle! And then boom! She shot like right away. She just shot right away,” Gabriel Valdez said. That’s how one witness describes the gunfire that rang out in the South Valley Tuesday morning.


    “He never pulled out a gun, nothing,” one witness told KRQE News 13. “His hands were on the steering wheel.” “This is enough! This is ridiculous!” another witness said. KRQE News 13 talked to one witness who says he had his cell phone taken away from him. “I have evidence on there they said because I have video on there, not video of the actual shooting, but of everything else,” Valdez said.
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    Albuquerque Journal: U.S. marshal involved in SW ABQ shooting (April 1 2013)

    A U.S. marshal shot at a fugitive near Sunset Road and Bridge Boulevard in southwest Albuquerque on Tuesday morning, according to the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office. The suspect was taken to a hospital and is listed in stable condition.


    Janice Serrano, a woman who claimed to be the suspect’s sister, said she arrived on scene after hearing gunshots at her nearby home. She said she saw her brother, Gilbert Angelo Serrano, 33, being yanked out of his truck, bleeding and unarmed, and being handcuffed before getting medical attention. She also said the US Marshal’s Service did not allow her to see her brother at the hospital, and she questioned why he had to be shot.

    Witnesses said they saw a row of unmarked SUVs pull into the parking lot of a strip mall after 9 a.m. and drive up to a green pickup truck. They said they saw a woman armed with a gun in civilian clothing fire one shot through windshield from outside he truck, followed by at least two other gunshots from men who stepped out of the SUVs.

    All of the witnesses, including Mathew Garcia, a man who was stopped at a Sunset Drive stoplight, said the shooters did not identify themselves as law enforcement, nor could they see badges or identifying vests.
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    Why do we have a "task force" of federal marshals cowboys tracking down New Mexico's in-state parole violators? It's time to cut the head count! Let New Mexico deal with their own absconders.

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